J. & G. Daverman's   Architects and Engineers
Telecommunications Division

       Vern started his Career  by entering the doors at right in 1956 where he was hired by ED DAVERMAN, who's office was just  behind the planter in photo.
These people were the most kind and professional persons I heve ever worked for.

J. & G. Daverman became Daverman Associates. The company then merged with Greiner Inc. in the 1980's, and later  in 1996 with URS Corporation.

Vern worked with only the three center persons, seated. Ed DavermanBob Daverman, and Jack Knoll

In rebuilding 13 companies to REA specifications with REA money, Glen Garrison Engineered the Inside Electrical Equipment and Leo Oppenneer was construction resident engineer.  Vern was 1st a staker of pole lines and inspector of construction. Vern  became a Resident Engineer in Port Byron, Illinois in 1963.
Addison, Mi. Bloomingdale, Mi.
Brandon, IW Brooksville, Ky.
Delton, Mi. Hadley, Mi.
Homer, Mi. Hulbert, Mi.
Kingsley, Mi. Lambertville, Mi.
Perry Mi. Pittsford, Mi.
Port Byron, Il.
Homer and Pittsford twice

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