Monitor Valley, Nevada
February 21, 1982

Vern was working in Nye county
for three months to
supervise the cutting over to newly constructed cable plant.
Nevada Telephone and Telegraph Co.

On this sunday he took a drive
way north of Tonopah and found
this wonderful Hot Spring area.

Earlier that day he had nearly
got stuck in the mud going up

His visit to BELMONT
    was the best.

Diana's Punchbowl, about 50 feet across is also called the Devil's Cauldron, is a geothermal feature located on a small fault in the Monitor Valley of Central Nevada, about 30 miles southeast of Austin, Nevada. Often listed as a hot spring on maps, it is not suitable for human bathing but is often considered by tourists to be beautiful to see. Located about 20 feet down in a perfectly round crater on a small hill, the azure-colored pool is boiling hot. A small hot stream runs north out of the side of the hill. Diana's Punchbowl is just east of Monitor Valley Road about 9 miles south of Monitor Ranch.

An immense travertine hill with a pit in the middle and hot spring water in the bottom. The hill is visible from miles away and truly awe-inspiring upon inspection. J.L. Butler had reported that the water level had lowered and water became cooler in the years prior to 1905. Also, he reported that more gas was formerly emitted and occasional flames were seen.

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