Monitor Valley, Nevada
February 21, 1982

Vern was working in Nye county
for three months to
supervise the cutting over to newly constructed cable plant.
Nevada Telephone and
Telegraph Co.

On this sunday he took a drive
way north of Tonopah and
 wanted to see what was up this canyon. He found mud,
almost got stuck
and got out of there.

He continued north and found

His visit to BELMONT
    was the best.

This is the road Barcelona Peak and the old Van Ness mine.
Van Ness was a small mining camp located two miles from Barcelona. The Van Ness Company owned and operated the camp and began working their claims in the early 1920s. Mercury was the primary product of the mines. The camp was at an altitude of 9,000 feet and had several boardinghouses, a cookhouse, and a population of twenty. The camp continued to produce for a few years but the cinnabar ore gradually began to run out and the camp was abandoned by 1935. Van Ness became active again in 1940 but the operation was short lived, ending in 1941. There are a number of interesting remains at Van Ness and a four-wheel-drive vehicle is required to get there.

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