Authored in 1978

The Telephony Publishing Co.
asked Vern to put this book together.

The book was arranged  to appear in
Telephony Magazine over 8 issures.
The subjects are therefore spread out
to gain reader interest.
. .

The author dedcates this book

Ed Daverman
Daverman Assoc.,
Grand Rapids, Mich.

3000 copies were printed
and sold all over the world


Chapter One Improve your plant and business records.
Purchasing;  When the Order Arrives;  Inventory;  Examples:
Chapter Two Effective record keeping for small telcos.
Value of Inventory; Office Layout; Daily Time Sheet; Trouble Reporting;
Work Orders; Personal Expense:
Chapter Three Working out telco work order procedures.
Construction Order; Material Order; Removal Order;
Order Control; Order Drawing:
Chapter Four Keeping track of costs.
Estimating; Work Order Costs; Station Connection Accounting;
Chapter Five Good budgeting starts with good record keeping.
Continuing Property Records; Equipment Location:
Chapter Six An orderly approach to mapping for small telcos.
Buildings; Underground Conduit; Route Layout:
Chapter Seven
Switching equipment and cable facilities record keeping.
Address Records: Pair at Terminal; Distribution Cables; Mainframe Pairs:
Chapter Eight The final word to small telso on maintaining accurate records.
Line Equipment Record; Directory Number; Record Storage; Trouble reporting:

When Vern
went to work for Boeing he found that several  persons there  had purchased  this book.