Plant II - Boeing Field
Bob Bogash, a retired Boeing Engineer, has photos on this page.
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The photo below was my last view of Plant 2, as I observed "SEATTLE II" construction, a Douglas World Cruiser
being build by Bob Dempster. I was acquainted with Bob through the "2009 CELEBRATION" at Sand Point.

I am currently the webmaster for Sand Point Naval Air Station, aiding in the revitalization of the base history.

The white building in the background (2-25) is the last building upgrade of the Corporate Headquarters before the Headquarters was moved to Chicago. The historic hanger left is (2-40). As a Boeing Cable and Wire Design Engineer,  I was part of the 2-25 upgrade. I remember the tunnels under 2-40 which doubled as storage area for artifacts. I was also the Data Wiring Engineer for new buildings 2-22, 2-122/123, and 3-801. The BOUWMAN BOX was designed especially for 2-122. Building 3-390 was a favorite building, where I placed the 1st fiberoptic cable to the 1st "777" testing connection.  I also worked on B-29 Fi Fi.                    Vern Bouwman 1991-2000

In the late 1940s
and early 1950s, Myraid B-50 bombers and C-97 Transports were being produce in this factory.

on Sept. 18 2011

  On removing the planes being restored, a B-17, a B-29 and a CONNIE; the doors were raised.
The B-17 and B-29 were moved to the east side of Boeing Field.
The Connie was moved South to the new "Air Park" at the Flight Museum.
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It's hard to believe buildings 2-40, 2-41, 2-44 were covered with "FAKE CITY STREETS" during WWII