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The railroad primarily used "Ten Wheeler" 4-6-0 and Consolidation (2-8-0) type locomotives, primarily manufactured by Brooks and Baldwin Locomotive Works. The railroad's first four locomotives were purchased in used condition. The railroad would later purchase 12 additional new locomotives. Upon abandonment of the railroad in 1917/1918, these locomotives were sold to the Northwestern Pacific Railroad, the Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad and the San Diego and Ari

The railroad had 3 passenger cars and one of them, a Harriman type chair car #30, was built in 1907 by the Pullman Company. Today, that car is pending restoration at the Nevada State Railroad Museum.

The LV&T depot at Rhyolite still remains. It was constructed in 1909 at a cost of $130,000

zona Railroad.

Ten Wheeler 4-6-0

Consolidation 2-8-0

Other engines that served the area were from the Virginia and Truckee R.R. from Virginia City.

RALSTON was s minor station on the Las Vegas and Tonopah Railroad. A store and a saloon was all that was ever built there in 1907. A camp of about fifteen people was all that ever lived at Ralston when silica mining operations began in that same year. When the Bullfrog-Goldfield Railroad stopped running in 1928, all interest in the camp faded. Nothing remains at the site.

BLACKCAP MOUNTAIN is a mountain east of Goldfield that climbs to 6,319 feet above sea level. One section of the two lines between Goldfield and  Geatty run along base of the mountain. The line broke off the main route at Forks Station, and ran through Ralston.

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