Vern's troubled trip to Puerto Rico in 1977. See more below.

This was an attempt to change his job from Arkansas. Vern got scared and lasted one night.

On landing in San Juan, Vern's One day employer checked him into a hotel in Old San Juan like that at right. "#1" on map. The next stop was company office where Vern received his car, "#2" on map. Show along hwy. 3 but that is just a guess, "I have no idea where I was".A fellow engineer then took him to see his 1st job site, "#3" on map, SE of Airport. The driving trip was not intertaining, road rules did not exist. The job site was a sub-division where the houses had no glass that Vern could see, just window bars every where. The engineer took me to his condo like that show below, "#4" on map. This would have been great if I were single. The work day ended, Vern was just dropped off, no employee welcoming, and he drove to his hotel.
The night was quite noisy, the tree frogs really sound off, all night long. The decision was made, Vern was going home. He went straight to the airport "#5" on map, called his one day employer, told him where the car keys were and proceeded to board the plane back to the main land. "Boy was that guy mad". Now on boarding the plane, his letter opener and nail clippers were taken from him. They were watching out for terrorists way back then. At the airport in Springfield, MO, there was a very, very happy family reunion. The best part is, Vern got his job back the next day.

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