Telephone Equipment
1969  -  Mike Sipich displaying how small the Main Frame was in 1959
On June 16, 1959 this Kellog K60 crossbar switch started providing automatic dial  service within the  Whiteford Telephone Company to  2667 customers, combining the  Whiteford Center Exchange and the Samaria Exchange into the  Lambertville Exchange.
Fred Krumm, right was
our General Manager.

Ground was broken for this new
office on Consear Rd. on June 3,1958. The company had been purchased
by the J.&G. Daverman Co. of  Grand Rapids, MI on June  20, 1956.
The company then received an
REA loan to recontruct a totally
new system;  poles, wire, cable, telephones and dial equipment.

Your author, Vern, helped to
engineer the new pole lines with
wire, cable, and with the
installation of the telephone sets.
After construction, he gained experience in telephony by serving
as an installer repairman at the company.     He also learned to
make wiring connections from
the outside plant to the
switching equipment..

..1978- Central Processor
Charles Janney, Lifelong Lambertville resident makes
1st Long distant call from new dial office 6-21-59




Manager, Fred Krumm
calls also.


Mike Sipich Pipes in 10th Anniversary
Goto: Lambertville Dial Office