With Citizens Utilities
In Kingman, Arizona
My position here was
much different than
my previous jobs.

I was working FOR the
Outside Plant Engineer.
I was to control the

The OSP Engineer who
hired me was

For the job interview
he had me fly to
Las Vegas were I, at the
VIP terminal, was
picked up in a single
engine plane and flown
to Kingman.

When I accepted the job.
I was flown the
same way to start work.

I rented a Single Wide Mobil home to live in on NEAL AVE. It was quite old but livable.
My new employer was a friendly guy who invited me to his home, high on a hill,
to the West. His beautiful Great Dane was the first to welcome me. :)

One weekend they invited me along to  swim at their favorite inlet on Lake Mead.
It could have been at BONELLI LANDING.

One thing I won't forget is going to lunch with the gang and Dick picking up a
a cute little GREEN PEPPER and telling me "Try this Vern". I did WOW!

We put our house in Arknsas up for sale, and this phone company paid for shipping furniture this time. Driving our 8 year old 1969 FORD into Oklahoma, we hit ROUTE 66 and followed it through New Mexico and into Arizona. Past the Petrified Forest we blew a tire. It was winter type tire.
One my first field trips required me to trace a cable
laying on the ground, through a bushy field.
Out - Jumped a JACK RABBIT.

Before we knew it we were in PEACH SPRINGS.
There Three PAPERS I put my name on while here.
#1: My Opinion on the Company PROBLEMS.
#3: My job EXPERIENCE.

No body liked the Mobil Home on NEAL AVE. :)
We soon found a nice home to rent on EMILE CIRCLE;
just in time to unload the moving van.

There  whole
Mohave County is
served by 12
exchanges, and
it takes 21 different
Web Pages
to describe

There  are
over 20
Web Pages
here to describe
the many
Educational Encounters
we had within
Two Years in

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