Its hard to imagine, but plain to see
That Pete Fayette is a retiree.
Its not from the emptiness of his cube
Nor the lack of virtual presence on yours and my ‘tube’
No, its the glint in his eye, the spring in his gait,
And the general demeanor of “Oh boy, I can’t wait!”
(Of course all of us surely would like to relate
To this great expectation and well-deserved fate.)      [Do I write like Dr. Seuss?!]
Somehow I just know that our Pete will be fine
As he plays too much golf in the Sun City shine,
And he finds a new place to share stories of times past,
With ethical pull tabs so he need not buy ticket-last.
Wireless, and Video, Transport and Media
Have all been parts of the “Pete Encyclopedia.”
But lest I forget, so I mention it here,
His support he provided where sane men fear….
Yes, I speak of the role of BENTAG Co-Chair,
Of Franco descent, and with little fanfare
For Boeing’s sake network standards were vet
Amidst IT gurus with egos, and yet….
Somehow OAs and DIMs were written and filed
That ensured order and chaos were reconciled.
He might have worked longer under a different flag,
But it wouldn’t have been the same as the one with ‘BENTAG.’
His departure is certain (since he pushed the 'button,' it is a must!)
I surely will miss him, on his help I could trust.
But think positive, all, because, in the end
We can all call Pete Fayette a Colleague, and a Friend.
Best Wishes, Pete, on the occasion of your Retirement!!!!!
Pete's Coast Guard Encounter
by Luke Maki
Remembered by the

Pete made my last years of employment really worth while. 
Vern Bouwman