Automatic Electric Co.
Genoa, ILL 1889-1983

This phone is a mess. It was just saved for old times sake.
 I am giving it to my grandson so he can investigate how things work. :)


Bryan used this phone in his room.
Line 1 was home number 454-1370
Line 2 was for computer line 451-0716
The Area Code was 206 then.

The connecting board is not in working position here.

Here you can see how the hook switch works a leaf switch.
The ringer only had one bell.
the network board was all open - they were sealed in the 1950's

The line Buttons - Line 1 pushed, connecting 3 circuit contacts.
If another button was pushed, Line 1 goes to normal.

The DIAL - You can see a little fly wheel on left end of screw drive shaft.
That controlled the speed.

 As the dial rotates, it interrupts the circuit between the phone and the exchange creating dialing pulses.
 If you dial number "9", you create nine pulses, dial "5" and you make five pulses, and so on.
In the center of the dial you  a cam that sticks out - as it spins around it pushes the circuit leaves.
Each leaf is connected to a different wire that need to turn electric current  on and off as touch or break away.