Scissors were invented before America was settled. The name started with the word Taylor, in French "tailler" meaning to cut and was often rendered in the Latin form "cissor".

They are really called Pattern shears, are heavy duty, have Black Japaned Handles, are corrosion resistant and made of Cruible high carbon steel.

These scissors were made in 1944 and are labeled -COMPTON U SET- INLAID as shown in insert below

Vern picked up these scissors in Hector, Minnesota where the Engineering office was being closed down. Continental had just purchased the Engineering firm there and Vern was using the office space to create drawings for construction in Mound, on Lake Minnetonka. 
Other items picked up were a paper weight and map wheel 





Scissors are 14 inches long with a cutting area of 8 inches.

The scissors were used for cutting blue prints to size, actually prints were called black lines, blue prints were no longer produces. Vern has never sharpened them and to cut large sheets of paper you only have to push them through the paper, they are so sharp.