Yup, Vern did this too, gaining experience in the telephone world
In Lambertville, Michigan his employer owned the Whiteford Telephone Company
and in the 1959 - 1961 time frame, Vern worked there.

Did you know these lines were very important to our nations DEFENSE SYSTEM
I found a Bell System Ad in an old Saturday Evening Post, dated 1959

WIRE PULLER - Grips and Blocks
.....Vern will never forget using these. They are used to pull two open wires together, making them as one. On the North edge of the Lambertville exchange was a pair of copper-weld wires crossing the expressway, one wire broke. Vern took the repair call where he called for help to get the wire back up. Getting the wire pulled back across the highway was not too bad, bringing the two ends up the pole was a little harder, Vern did not like climbing a 30 ft. class nine pole, just 6 inches in diameter, but he got up there. He got the two wires into the grips and proceeded to pull the blocks together but could not get it tight enough to make the proper clearance over the road or to proper tension, WITH ONE HAND. It takes two hands on the ropes to get them tight and he would just not take that other hand loose from the pole. Well at the base of the pole was the companies manager who was always a pretty quiet guy, but he said something, Vern can not remember what, but it gave him nerve to let go of that pole, pull those wires together and crimp the wires together with the Nicopress tool. These experiences in construction helped him very much to become an engineer with a good reputation.

 NICOPRESS tools Larger for Open Wire or ground wires, Smaller for Drop Wire.

Vern's 1st talent learned was to toss
the lineman's wrench up to a guy on a
pole so that it stops in mid-air right in
the guy's hands. He got good at it too.

Vern thought this belt was heavy.


Wire or Strand Grip
Come in sizes for open wire
or suspension strand. 


Using Come-along with strand grips
to tighten down guy. 


This was the 1st test set provided to Vern. There were pins by each number to turn the dial with. He saved a more modern one, dial.

Vern still has his climbing spurs. He never burned a pole
but did fall twice.

Drill to cut hole in pole for through bolt.


Fish Tape. Vern can tell many stories about fishing walls to get station wire installed.

this CAN WRENCH was carried around by Vern through out his Telephony career. As an engineer he also needed it for testing.

The Wire Wrap Gun came into being about the same time was learning torun jumpers on the main frame.He first learned to solder jumper wire tothe flat terminal block pins. Actually
many times the wire-wrap connectionwas not too good so he soldered them too.

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