.....Locating cable pairs in a color coded cable can be very easy where counts stay in 25 pair complements. When it is necessary to deviate from those complements, picking out the pair becomes complicated even to an experienced splicer.
.....Vern's guide has a slide built into it with (4) 25 pair counts on it, i.e. 1 to 100. 
.....Suppose you have a 25 pair cable with 15 pairs hot to the central office and the other 10 dead. The count is (38-52 + 10d). What color is pair 41? The first thought that pops into your head is "1" means the ring side of the pair is "blue", wrong. Look at guide set up for this count, it shows the count 41,  on the center slide shows the pair is "Brown-White".
.....Vern's work was with small telephone companies and he had to deal with this problem all the time, even used small cables like 6 pair, a lot.
.....The color finder developed for GTE, shown at bottom of screen, allowed only for 25 pair straight counts. He has always wished he could afford to develop his guide into a product that would stand the ware and tear his did.
This color finder developed for GTE does not even allow for slips in a count by 25 pair. It is strictly for cable to cable.

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