.....The record for central office line or originating equipment described here is for step equipment. Other forms are available or can be made available for crossbar or electronic equipment. Store this type form in VeriVisible tray.

Enter information on this form as follows:

A.....GROUP: Enter the line equipment 100 group number.
B.....Office: Enter the central office exchange name.
C.....Fill: In this always visible space, record the number of lines in use on the page. At regular intervals update the number to provide engineers fill data and to keep the fill of equipment groups in balance.
D.....LINE: Place the prefix, "3C" in this case, on every 5th line for easy identification of each line.
E.....DIRECTORY NUMBER: Place the directory (or cable pair) number connected to each line finder. Block out the column heading not to be used. An additional column is provided  for other information which may be desired. I feel the cable pair should be the only information recorded, as this connection changes the least. However some testing proceedures make it necessary to have the directory number displayed.
F.....CLASS: Place an "X" or what ever initial is used to describe the class of service the equipment is serving. Here "X" is for PBX.


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