.....The following paragraphs are written with the thought that a guide line is needed for setting up and maintaining plant records of small and medium size telephone companies. They should fall in line with current needs on station carrier, dedicated plant and all private line systems.
.....Vern Bouwman's ideas are compiled from fifteen years experience with outside plant engineering through out the midwest. He has been studying and working on plant records of the Southwestern Bell System, the Illinois Bell System and the Continental System as well as many small REA financed companies. He understands that there are hundreds of to put plant records together and maintain them. At this writing he displays how he feels they can be put together.
.....These records can be used in part or in full to aid any telephone company in its record maintenance. If any person see that there are better systems of any part here in, Vern would like very much to hear of this and be able to evaluate it.
Remember - this was written in 1972, before we had personal computers


.....In the past few years, Telephone Distribution Plant has had a great change. One change is the ultimate change to an all One Party System. This service is being provided to a subscribers location by the dedicated pair, the concentrator or by station carrier.
.....With this change, the previous records either provide more space than needed for recording information or they prove to be very inflexible. to provide service with the current or foreseeable future devices, more, less or different types of records may be necessary. The flexible plant required to serve present day demands are becoming more complicated, require the attention of the more experienced employees, and at the same time less attention is possible on the individual assignments.
.....The very thought of more records immediately notes to management the possible higher costs of record maintenance. The following described records are fast working and very accurate. They are designed to be flexible, take up little desk space, have the least possible entries for speed on each type of order, utilizes no bulky maps and still has all the information necessary to maintain the plant. If these records are to be used however, it may be true that the newer and unfamiliar employees should be trained to maintain these records. The instructions are easily understood, but it is more easily taught to the newer persons as they do not have older systems on their mind.
.....These records can be used on the smallest exchanges as well as the large companies which may or may not have test equipment centers. Any extra costs needed to set these records up are well worth the investment.
.....In describing these records, aid in establishing the original record is shown at the same time. These records will be added to or corrected after work or service orders, this is shown also.

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