The record is designed to be used on both sides to provide space for a full 100 numbers. The card can also be made to display the full 100 on one side of the page if the name column is omitted. Store this type form in VeriVisible tray.

Enter information on this form as follows:

A.....NUMBERS: Enter the four digit 1000 number describing the 100's group number.
B.....Office: Enter the central office exchange three digit prefix number.
C.....Fill: In this always visible space, record the number of lines in use on the page. At regular intervals update the number to provide engineers fill data and to keep the fill of equipment groups in balance.
D.....DIRECTORY NO.: Place the prefix, "88" in this case, on every 5th line for easy identification of each number.
E.....PTY: Place the party number to aid in recording after each frequency is used.
F.....CLASS: Place an "X" or what ever initial is used to describe the class of service the equipment is serving. Here "X" is for PBX.
G.....MDF-PR.: Place the cable pair (or linefinder) connected to this number. Block out the heading not to be used.
H.....DISC DATE : When the number is disconnected, place the disconnect date here. Remove or correct the other information only when the number is to be reused.
J......NAME : Place the subscribers name this number is serving.

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