.....An address record can be designed to display the cable pair, line finder or subscriber's name which is served at each address. The most important use of the recordm however, is to display which terminal the address should be served from. the address filed by street name is further broken down by apartment or lot number.
.....The example shown below should really be in flex-o-line form. That is to place each individual address on a separate so as a new address may be placed in its proper order more easily. The items I feel should be recorded are as follows.
.....A......Street, Road or Highway name.
.....B......Sequential address numbers
.....C......Apartment or lot number, where it applies.
.....D......Terminal route and Terminal number.

.....If there is no street address numbering system available, a system can be set up and maintained by the telephone company. A system of this type is of great value to any part of thge country, it aids all persons involved , the post office encourages it and the address makes any telephone directory complete. One widely used system is to have 1000 numbers to each mile, 500 for each side of the street or one number for every 10.5 feet.

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