Purcell Murals

This was a short drive from Kingman - a nice afternoon drive

Located in the hills behind Chloride are the famous Purcell Murals painted by the artist Roy Purcell in 1966. These murals are well worth the mile and a half drive on a dirt road. Roy was a prospector with time on his hands, so he painted some intriguing scenes on the face of the boulders in the area. The Murals have held up well during the past 30 years, and the colors remain vibrant. Roy Purcell is well recognized throughout the Southwest, his artwork can be found in collections of such major international corporations as Standard Oil Company (AMOCO), Dow Chemical, and The Royal Bank of Canada. He is represented in the collections of many well known figures including Clint Eastwood, Dale Robertson. His latest work "Portraits of Nature" is Roy's vision of the Mojave Desert, which he captures in a collection of his watercolors of birds, animals, wildflowers, and desert landscapes bound into a 200 page book.

Bryan and Kelly enjoyed climbing the rocks

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