The SSST team recognized that the big  INDUSTRY push to see all buildings
in the world be SMART WIRED was not currently a good idea, for 2 reasons.
    • Boeing's practice of configuring it's office space to group requirements caused a large percent of it's wire to be scrapped.
    • SMART WIRED was intended for future networks operating at bit rates well over Boeings current standard of 10 Base-T.
For these reasons, the new CAT.5 wire was not permitted to be installed in normal
project construction.  CAT.3 was set as the standard wire, using 350 ft. for the
distant limits to the desk from the data concentrators.  To back up these rules,
View documents for  of  and  type wires .
The charts describe wire losses before connectors are installed and after.
The bottom chart considers that the best connectors are to be used.
Notice that CAT.3 wire is capable of
serving stations well beyond the 350 ft. design.
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The SSST team is a PROUD of its work.