Robert A. Keating, Jr.
Autographed photograph of
Commander Robert A. Keating, Jr.

He was the Commanding Officer of the
 Barbel (SS-316)
from the commissioning date of March, 1944
to completion of first three War Patrols,
on transfering from the boat on 27 December 1944.

The photo was taken in 1945, just after Keating was
awarded the Navy Cross for performance during
Barbel's first war patrol.

Commander Keating next assumed command of
Rock (SS-274) 23 February 1945,
taking her on one war patrol from Fremantle, Australia.

Rear Admiral Keating attended the dedication of the
Barbel Memorial in Casper, Wyoming in June, 1984.

He died in December, 1995.

Personal photo, compliments of Christina Bogert DePonte,
niece of S1c John Witte Bogert, who was aboard Barbel
when the boat was bombed and sunk, killing the entire crew
of 81 men, in South China Sea, 4 February 1945.
Photo & text submitted by Jim Converse.