Gerhard Schroeder
Ernest Kuhlmann found that his maternal great-grandfather, Gerhard Schroeder, served in the military in Prussia (Germany).  In 1888, he was a porter for King Friedrich III of Prussia for a very short time.  The King died after only a few months and 1888 became known as the "year of three kings."

The year 1888 is commonly called Year of Three Emperors (Dreikaiserjahr) in Germany. It is learned by German schoolchildren with the mnemonic "three eights, three Emperors".

On March 9, the first German Emperor, Wilhelm I, died. He was succeeded by his son, Friedrich III, who however, already suffered from terminal cancer and died after only 99 days of rule on June 15. He in turn was followed by his son, Wilhelm II, the third and last Emperor, who was to reign until the end of the Empire in 1918.

See: European Royalty: Germany

Most of Ernie's family history comes from Germany.
However, Ernie's, dad's, mother traces her roots back to Netherlands (nee Dyck).
Ernie was named after his dad's father, Ernst, but spelled the American way, Ernest.

Gerhard Schroeder lived near Pocatello, Idaho for a while (tried to farm) but, later went to California and worked in Hollister. He died in 1931 in Salinas, CA.

Gerhard, had an eldest son, Erhard, who is Ernie's mother's dad.  He lived most of his life around Paso Robles, CA, doing farming.

It's interesting that the past chancellor of Germany was named Gerhard Schroeder.  In the last election he lost out to
Angela Merkel.  She is more conservative.


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