SBX in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii (Jan. 9, 2006) - The heavy lift vessel MV Blue Marlin enters Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, with the Sea Based X-Band Radar (SBX) aboard after completing a 15,000-mile journey from Corpus Christi, Texas. SBX is a combination of the world’s largest phased array X-band radar carried aboard a mobile, ocean-going semi-submersible oil platform. It will provide the nation with highly advanced ballistic missile detection and will be able to discriminate a hostile warhead from decoys and countermeasures. SBX will undergo minor modifications, post-transit maintenance and routine inspections in Pearl Harbor before completing its voyage to its homeport of Adak, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands.
U.S. Navy photo by Chief Journalist Joe Kane (RELEASED) Jan. 9 2006
Drew Andrews, working on Ford Island, comments: Our building is exactly on the side of the harbor allowing us to see all ships as they enter and leave Pearl.  This was definitely a sight to see. Until you asked; taking photos never entered my mind.  I'm like so many people who take the privilege of base access for granted, but since I have that access I will go out and take some photos.  This is a mammoth piece of hardware.  On my way into the office today I just took a few minutes to stare at it, and this thing is huge, and that's from across the harbor on Ford Island; about two hundred yards away. It's still here and my research assistant tells me that it's here for a paint job which will take a little time.  I plan to load up my camera and head over tomorrow for a bit of picture taking.  After I see what I get I'll send you a few frames.  We try so hard not to look like tourist that we miss once in a lifetime photo opportunities.  Thanks for snapping me out of my mode of complacency.
Drew  GMT3 73-75   Jan 12, 2006
We thought the radar platform left in July for Alaska, but it showed up while RIMPAC was going on.  RIMPAC maneuvers ended at the end of July. It was obvious that it had been at sea for a while, because the beautiful paint job was weatherworn and the rust streaks were everywhere.  I thought it was back for a touch up, but I guess not. The platform left just about the same time, and has not been back.
Drew  GMT3 73-75   Sept. 14, 2006

Navy Newsstand

Here are a few pictures of the SBX from my office on Ford Island.  It's still here but it has been removed from the
Blue Marlin and is on its own.  They are still painting it, so I plan to take more pictures of her before she pulls out.  .........Drew Andrews "K" GMT2 73-75

September 14, 2006 - The San Diego Union-Tribune
As the weeks pass and the price tag creeps toward $1 billion, the Sea-Based X-Band Radar shows little chance of actually making the voyage to its intended port in Alaska – considered the optimal location for monitoring potential North Korean missile launches – until at least later this fall.