This the most Northeren city this Telecommunications Engineer has worked.
Vern gathered information here to help design the telephone portion
of a new utilidor on 2nd Ave.

Telephone service was provided by the Municipal Utilities Service when Vern was there. In 1996 the Telephone Division was sold to 
Alaska Communications Systems.

Fiber optic cables that provide long-distance telephone and Internet service have been placed to Anchorage, Valdez, and Prudhoe Bay. Wikipedia

The Telephone Office in 1984  -  Click image for photos inside.                                      

                                                              Channel 2 is still located here.


This post card image was probably taken in 1970's during Pipeline construction.

Vern took these two 2nd Ave. photos during a warm spell in the winter.

Vern used this drawing to keep track of his photos.

Like #4 was of the CO-OP, upper left.

Several meals were eaten in the CO-OP. Vern remembers the Bakery as well. He bought a big fake mosquito in the Jewelry shop and attending a meeting in Lavery's office building.